public art project sam

Auto… ( Autos (Gr)- ) — the meaning is compound of the words: “automatic”, “self-propelled ” (trolley), “car” (motor-transport depot), “own”, “itself” (self-portrait, self-lithography). Automobile (from -auto and Latin -mobilis — movable, easy movable) a transport, no rail car in motion, to set in motion by the engine (internal combustion, electrical or steam). Rotation of the engine is transmitted to the clutch, the gear-box, the differential gear and the wheels. Self-portrait (from the auto and portrait) a portrait of artist with one's own hand performance with help of the mirror or system mirrors. An artist express own self-consciousness, the estimation own personage and creative principles.

The basic object is automobile LUAZ 969M

. Sculpture (Taking the photographs from the car spares in the strip state, computer’s developing of the photo images and print them in the size of 100 x 200 cm. All machine’s spares are converted in the same measures to change the scale’s perception. Realisation of the photo exhibition.

. Performance, installation (Assembling the car. To make from the immovable shapes moving object - Automobile). Using a video. Fixation of a moving. Determination of velocity and times in an art work.

. Public art action The artists autograph the car. Automobile is given as an art work. Museumfication. Marking on the Kyiv’s map the routes of the virtual and real driving of the car and presenting this routes as an energetic sign of project “Oneself”. Public crossing of Kyiv as the capital of Ukraine. Using the video camera which is located on the car and from the sight of the movable object shoots the route of the official expanding exhibition space. Final point of the route is crossing.

. Interactive (Create CD project ”oneself” ). Presentation of the object (public art) beyond the exhibition space and presentation in the exhibition space — occupied the real space and thereby compress the real space into exhibition space, which shows the art work from the middle — the route drawing on the map’s plane and on the volume of reality — to combine all point and destroy the scale and time.