audiovisal project - version "NebeNeiNaNder 1.3"

cd+ [label staalplat] 2005


Date of production 2003

author - akuvido
berlin, 2003




nebeneinander represents an interactive audio-visual program tool. The given program tools present a set of energy objects, which move to a schedule and complementary to a sound. In the project, with the help of offered sounds, it is possible to create own sound harmony and with the help of a graphic representation, the clip.
Music and visual image is designed with the help of energization of power objects. Each object has the own graphic formula, which is connected by the audiovisual form. All power objects cooperate among themselves at the energization, creating influence one on another.
The project represents the new form of visual and musical expression, which is based on creation of music and visual part in real time.