forward projection - 2

The project "Forward projection" belongs to a series of the projects neoconstructivism. Neoconstructivism is the style, which unites modern directions of art in constructive expressions of idea, as a physico-mathematical computer miscalculation of the screen (project) without aesthetic visualization and commercial basis.

The project (from lat. Projectus, literally - thrown forward) - idea, plan. A projection (from lat. Projectio, literally to throw out forward) - image of spatial figures on a plane (or on other plane).

This project is constructed as the naked circuit of connection of the two information on a plane, where each taken separately information does not carry artificial value and only connection of the two information on a screen expresses artificial value given neoconstructivism of the project. Transformation of the screen by a place for creativity, instead of videocamera either assembly ruler or computer, emphasizing it the initial creation of the project, instead of its speculative, visual or aesthetic picture. Using the project "Forward projection " it is possible to create a number of the projects of speculative character: " the Berlin wall " a sight on a wall (screen) from two parties, " the Yugoslavian problem " a sight on Yugoslavia (screen) by America, Russia. " Adam and Eve " a sight on life (screen) the woman, man. "Art" a sight on art (screen) east - west Е Е.