d e c o d e

Date of production 2002

In the project Dekod we are going to attempt to analyse the conception of a new computer programming language in media art.

In the beginning with the emergence of writing, the first language signs (letters) had the appearance of drawings, which with time transformed into letters (signs). As this happened these split into visual signs, sound and then a common language

Every epoch expressed their own social-cultural codes, situations and objects where viewed from a distance. From the 19th century artists and scientists began to close the distances between observers and objects until they emerged into one (Immanuel Kant, Edmund Husserl, Merleau-Ponty Maurice, Greenberg Clement…).

In the project Dekod, we are showing examples of abstract works from Malevich, Klee, Mondrian, Arp, taking their last pictures as signs and codes of flat-screen art, which already carrying inside the new programme language of media art, with the help of this, again in virtual space appeared the possibility of an emergence of language and visual image in one.