Space, form, composition are reflections of time, idea, things, event, relations with wich they emerge, exist and perish, rathere than an ideal, eternal and constant images. New person occupies new time and space. Each generation seeks new expression of space in form, line, colour, music, relationships. Our way is clear forms. An active function of painting. The structure of painting puts the viewer into the center of composition, the center of thought. Renunciation of interpretation of space in spatial and perspective terms. Deliverance of color. The Cross - symbol of idea. The Cross - philosophy of horisontal and vertical, life and death; philosophy from the center and simultaneously approauching it; philosophy of resistance - the closer to the crossing, the less of circulation and more composure. The cross - eternity, harmony, truth. Life is the game. Each person himself amusement contrives and plays it. It's necessary to invent new amusement. Creation of new unions, new institutions, new relationships between people gives new forms, new semantic combinations, new words, new pleasure from life, new hypnosis

date of production 1993

80x80 canvas\oil

video 10 min.VHS. Director - Alfred Maksymenko, montage - Alfred Maksymenko, Hanna kuts. Authors - Victor Dovhaluk, Hanna Kuts. Music fragments of "Dead can dance"