c i t y_i n t e r a c t i v e

Date of production - 2004
Place of production - V2_Lab, Rotterdam
author - akuvido


http://city.v2.nl or www.akuvido.de/city


The name of our project is City_Interactive.
The project is based on research of a real city. We consider the city as the largest social formation, as a large mechanism, a real program that controls the streaming of information.

For people the information is mosaics that are placed in space and time, as it is impossible to imagine and see all of the whole city. The civilization invented different plans, schemes, diagrams, graphs and for movement and orientation – the navigation, sign and informational graphics.
In our compositional idea are the whole objects, the whole information, the space and time of the city we placed on the one stage in order to imagine, see and create the whole composition.

To contrast with the Internet space that has a mosaic–sign building, when you, with the help of clicks move from one page to another, all our links and clicks activate and develop only in one compositional stage.
As each program has only one stage or interface on which is placed the instrument marking’s as icons, or fields for information input, it is possible to see the whole navigation in one time, or with the toolbar or ruler to control certain moments.
Such project building principles brings many problems and conflicts. When we make a certain object you have to do it in accordance with another objects. By itself it works perfectly, but if we refer to the whole project, it has to be put into the project otherwise, as one stage is in transition with another object, which has the same functions, for example the reactions of the mouse.

The visual part of our project is on the base of an informational graphic. Our virtual city is the associative informational graphic of the real city. How it depicts the environment of the city and how it influences a real city for it’s future development and planning.

For our research of the interaction of the city we designed the main points or directions from -transportation, architecture, text, signage, sounds, facture, patterns, videos, digital photography, public web cams and humanity. From which we analyzed and stylized we created our interactive city, transforming it into media space, extended it in the Internet network and virtual space.

With our project we wanted to show how the physical space transfers or digitalizes into virtual space and how the virtual space with the tools of new technology begins to influence the real space of city.
How the virtual space begins to widen in the real world.
Getting in with their cables, monitors, sensors, web-cams, Internet, it grows in to the space like a nervous system that controls the reality, exchanges in the information, comes alive, changing and giving new appearance in reality and becomes a program tool - a truly interactive game.

We consider our project as an art program. This is the synthesis of many of art forms. I.e. video art, photography, graphics, architecture, music, programming, performance and installation. Their existence can depend on the medium - on video, on the Internet, as a CD ROM project or to be as a projection in an exhibition space.