360 b´u
Techno space that makes possible to create the spiritual subject of visual, sound and sign object through the symbol of the entire contemporary civilization. Renouncing the material creation of performances and actions to go over to an integral plane of boundless space of realisation, to separate once and for all art from the real life in a state of exaltation. The development of the entire society with the playing at sociality. Sociality? The question of the part of the entire society. Formula that doesn"t give an answer, but puts the question. The entier as the boundless of events. The extension of the entire to the significance of the slogan. The placement of the sound, action and form not to the corners, but to the one entier object. To give the geometrical name to the whole. The entire world of the techno remixed and merged space where sociality is the whole game.

date of production 1998

production - info media bank program /soros center for contemporary art, Ukraine, Kyiv

6 min., 3D animation Light Wave

music by No Fly Zone&Dmytro Fedorenko, computer graphics Oleh Perverzov